My First Trimester

I am officially past my first trimester today, and it has been a challenge for my body and mind. I am enjoying this opportunity to be pregnant while getting to eat more delicious healthy food and create some new recipes, yet the nausea has been overwhelming. Not only is it in the morning, but all day long. I couldn’t eat some of my pre-pregnancy staples of my diet such as; hummus, almonds, kale, raw vegetables or drink coconut water for the first 10 weeks. I had strange cravings like refried beans, eggs (hardboiled, scrambled, omelette, poached…), cheese, french fries, ketchup, fried fish, pickles, pizza, fruit, chocolate, and peanut butter ice cream. One day I was so sick I could only eat tomato and black bean soup. I tried a lot of different remedies that people suggested to me. Gingerale, ginger candies, kombucha, apple cider vinegar, rice crackers, peppermint essential oil and digest zen essential oil all helped with my upset stomach. The ginger ale and ginger candies were affecting my fatigue and energy level because of the high sugar content so I stopped taking those.

I normally eat foods that are free of gluten, processed sugar, corn, soy, hydrogenated oil, GMO and dairy. I am allergic to gluten, and the rest I have slowly eliminated from my diet over the years because I feel better on a daily basis. To have these pregnancy cravings has been a challenge that has opened my taste buds to new healthy products that satisfy my cravings. I also have had to change the number of times I eat per day. Pre-pregnancy I would eat a huge breakfast when I woke up, some fruits, almonds and a juice with my powder supplements (bee pollen, maca root, chlorella, spirulina, and hemp protein) for lunch, then a small dinner about 2-4 hours before bed. Since becoming pregnant I have had to eat more frequently to avoid nausea. I am eating 3-5 small meals a day to constantly tame the nausea feeling.

All the while I was teaching 9 yoga classes a week, and working as a chef. I am a private chef for Laura Lee’s Healthy Plate and Cafe in Columbia, MO. I provide service to clients that make living and eating a healthier lifestyle more manageable. I can shop for your groceries, do a pantry/kitchen clean out, provide consults to discuss your health needs and goals, and cook a full menu of items for your week to have prepared in your refrigerator. I also have my own catering company, Happy Food Catering, that I do events for. It is a fun way for me to learn a lot more about healthy cooking. I also teach 9 yoga classes a week, with private sessions on top of that. I love teaching yoga because I get to bring people back to their breath, and being mindful of their thoughts and body.

I love that I get to combine healthy cooking with yoga lessons. I love teaching people how to listen to their bodies to find a path back to better health. With cooking I get a satisfaction of helping people lose weight, feel more energized, overcome health illnesses and alleviate the fear of the unknown about eating delicious healthy food. Teaching yoga allows me to get deep into pranayama, or breathing techniques, while moving through asanas, poses. It has a positive psychological aspect that has always drawn me in. The best compliment as a teacher is when students tell me they feel more relaxed and calm after a class. I enjoy that both of my passions allow me to combine the benefits of losing weight, feeling more energized, physical benefits, overcoming chronic pain or maybe a health illness.

With all the services I provide, I have been very busy during this first trimester. Though I have been sicker these last 12 weeks then I have been in years, I have made it through all my daily appointments because of my healthy lifestyle. I cheated a few times around week 7 and 8, and the recovery from eating processed sugars and dairy was rough. I could feel my blood sugar rise and fall, my stomach would get very mad at me, my mood swings weren’t the happiest and I would get so tired after consuming it. The instant satisfaction of how delicious a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup is not worth the upset stomach and body afterward. The days I felt the worst and craved the most junk food, were always saved with healthier food choices. I would regain energy, get rid of nausea and feel better throughout my day. There are a lot more healthy food options in stores now. I have provided pictures of some of my favorite health food snacks since becoming pregnant. I hope they make your mouth water as much as mine!

Keeping this a secret for the first trimester was a true test of my patient, health, and knowledge to stay on track with my healthy lifestyle! Things I have learned along the way to staying happy, healthy and tasty during this transition. Keep delicious food that you like on hand or stocked up in case of an emergency, and know where to go to get them near where you are. Have plenty of ice and filtered water to stay hydrated. I am up to 5 quarts per day. I also like to add lemon or wild orange essential oil to my water for some flavor, plus they help detoxify the body, boost mood and energy. Keep a bathroom near you. Listen to other healthy mom’s advice, and take what you can to use in your life. Listen to your body!

I will “try” to write a weekly post to be shorter and more detailed about my new experiences. I hope to help a lot more people become a healthier, happier you!