Happy Food

Happy Food

“What do you eat?”

I was driving home from a yoga instructor training in a car full of teachers when I was asked, “What do you eat?”

I tried to explain it – the simplicity, the ease, the health reasons, the cooking techniques – but I could tell by their facial expressions it was all new to them.

They asked if I could write some recipes for them. Since I never wrote any of my recipes down, I decided to write a cookbook. I wanted to share my knowledge of cooking, baking and nutrition. I wanted to create a cookbook that was true to the way I eat, which I believe can help with health issues, allergies and the effort to lose weight.

My goal with the Happy Food Cookbook is to educate people in any way I can to help them eat healthier food which is equally delicious, without the guilt or negative effects of highly processed foods.

The Happy Food Cookbook

My first in the “Happy Food” series, this cookbook is filled with recipes spanning every meal of the day. The best part is you don’t need to already be familiar with alternative baking methods! My cookbooks also feature what I refer to as a “Nutrition Nerd” section to help educate you on specific ingredients. Let this book be a guide to help you on your journey!

I have been off gluten for about 18 months now and am a new person because of it. I was bloated most of the time and figured constipation was just a way of life for me until I cut out gluten. I’m not super strict about it but eliminating 95% of my gluten intake has helped so much. I would call myself gluten intolerant. Thanks again for the cookbook! I especially like learning how to substitute and make a regular recipe a “happy” one. Keep up the great work! I really believe in what you do.
-Kate Boatright (Grant)