Private Yoga Lessons in Columbia, MO

I offer a variety of options for one-on-one training, couples classes, and group sessions. Every lesson will be customized to fit your goals. Choose from restorative yoga, strong/power yoga, train for a certain pose, arm balances, inversions, meditation, or partner yoga.

Private Lesson – $125
Private Couple – $200
30 minute private Classes (up to 10 people) – $300

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Yoga Session Special

The private sessions are 60 minutes. I can come to your home, but I charge a $15 fee if I have to drive over 20 miles to get there. I also do the sessions at Lotus Yoga Studio. The first session, I get there 15 minutes before we practice to discuss what you would like to work on. The more information you give me, the more personalized I can make your session. I am trained in vinyasa, hatha, yin, restorative, obesity, amputees, prenatal, meditation and for people that have PTSD.

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Gentle Yoga for at Home Training

My Journey with Yoga

In March 17, 2013, I completed the Yax Yoga Concepts 200 hour teacher training in vinyasa flow and hot yoga. I am now a certified 200 ERYT through Yoga Alliance. I love the stability and flexibility yoga has brought into my life, on and off the mat. My hope is to touch at least one person in a positive way through my teaching. I am trained in vinyasa, hatha, yin, restorative, obesity, amputees, prenatal, inversions, meditation and for people/military veterans or active duty that have PTSD through connected warriors.

I began my yoga journey in January 2011. I made a New Year’s Resolution to try a yoga class and fell in love immediately. The pranayama breath work taught me how to use my breath to control my anxiety, how to relax my parasympathetic nervous system and to let go of things out of my control. My physical practice healed my shoulders from kneading dough all night as a baker, made my joints stronger, increased my balance throughout my day, healed the pain in my back and made me stronger than I had ever felt. The meditation practice has given me such peace in my life, and allows me to reflect and make better choices in the future. The relationships I made and continue to make are huge blessings in my life.

In 2013 I decided to use my military spouse scholarship and attend the Yax Yoga Concepts 200 hour Teacher Training. I went to yoga school to deepen my knowledge as a yoga practitioner, but then I hesitantly began to teach and fell in love. Being able to teach people how to breath and move in sync, become present in the moment. The only place where life exists. I have students show up stressed out from the day’s responsibilities and when they leave my class they say how relaxed their minds are and how open their bodies feel. I feel so grateful and honored to have manifested yoga in my life and hope to practice and teach for years to come.