Week 13… and Counting

My nausea is gone and kale salads are back!!! I am thrilled to be over the sickness slump of pregnancy! I am enjoying my normal diet with hummus, kale, raw veggies, jalapenos, fruit and coconut water. I feel energized by my food again! I am still eating more, it’s just more of the healthy foods my body enjoys most. I try to do 2 salads per day (fruit salad counts for me) and 1 treat. My treats have been consisting of french toast, banana chocolate chip muffins, pizza, nachos, chocolate mousse or something along those lines. Of course, I make it all from scratch so that it’s gluten-free, processed free food and mostly plant-based.

This week I made 3 new recipes. A pizza crust, french toast out of Happy Food Cookbook’s bread and banana muffins with Happy Food Cookbook’s chocolate chip recipe. All the recipes are processed food free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, corn free, and no hydrogenated oils. They are all 100% delicious and yummy!

This week has been a huge learning experience with yoga and my body. It is the first week that twisting and forward folds have been more challenging with my belly and harder to breathe in. I feel like any heart opener/backbend makes my stomach feel like it is stretching something deep out, it’s a good feeling and not painful. I can still do all the vinyasas, inversions and strength that comes my way when I practice. I have just noticed that I am heavier from my 10 lbs weight gain, so I have to remember to breathe and stay present when I lift my own body weight. My hips are beginning to open easier, I have heard different theories as to why this is happening. I don’t know what my truth is besides it’s happening and I love it! I have always had tight hips from being an athlete and not stretching as much as I should have in the past.

I do 1-2 days a week running since pre-pregnancy. As of this week, it has been harder to run for long periods of time unless I do it when I have the most energy during the day. I run 4 miles when I do run. This week I had to walk one of the two days because my body couldn’t take a run in the heat. My amazing and supportive husband accompanied me with our dogs so I didn’t get bored. It was very hot but it felt great. Yoga has always taught me to listen to my body and it is saying to make smarter choices when my body is tired. Not so much to not do anything, but choose an option that my body can handle in that moment. I am an outside runner, but with this heat, I might have to switch some runs to the gym on the treadmill in the AC, or continue to walk more outside. It is all about creating balance in the body and mind for me during this experience in my life.

My energy levels are back up this week. Hooray! Being on my feet all day cooking or teaching is less exhausting. I had a rash on my left boob that coconut oil and melaleuca got rid of in a day. I had a sinus infection and sore throat that lasted 3 days. I used my breathe oil and purify oil, plus sinus kick-ass and cough kick-ass to keep it under control and to fight it off fast. I can feel that my immune system isn’t as protected as before so taking the necessary health precautions has helped. Eating right, exercise and a lot of sleep keep me happy and healthy!