Week 29 & 30: Baby Showers, Running & Holiday Events

These two weeks have been a growing experience for me physically and mentally. My tummy has gotten to the size where I can have my arms resting on it comfortably. It’s a comforting feeling to just wrap my arms around my belly and talk to Dillon and feel her kicks. She is definitely a mover and a shaker.

I had two more baby showers during this time, both were in Columbia where I live now. One my best friend planned and we had at her home. We did organic coconut yogurt and organic cow yogurt with fresh fruits, granola, nuts and raisins. It was a build your own parfait and Dillon and I loved it! The second one that was in Columbia was a lunch get together at Main Squeeze Cafe. Of course their vegetarian and local menu hit the spot when I ordered the “Peggy”; brown rice, pinto beans, sauted greens and a lemon tahini sauce. Talk about chowing down while I am pregnant with the most nutrient rich foods. I am so blessed.

We had amazing people come that brought so much love, gifts and funny ass baby stories. It was a real memorable moment for me to get to connect with the women that are closest in my daily life right now and discuss their successes and failures as a parent. I got some gifts that I had never even knew I needed. Hemorrhoid cream?! Nipple cream?! Nipple Pads?! Those made for the best laughs and the biggest statements to me for what is yet to come. The adorable clothes and necessities that I got made me so warm inside. I am getting really excited to start this journey with such a great support team.

I am staying true to my beliefs and my body so far during this pregnancy, and continue to teach and practice yoga. I am heavier and twists are almost impossible to do now, but I just listen to my body. When I run I get a lot of lower abdominal cramping. I have to jog and walk a lot more than before, plus I am much slower on the jogging side, but nothing makes me feel the way I do when I run. There are no thoughts. I just keep moving forward, listening to my music and letting my body reap the rewards. It has been getting much colder here, yet this winter has been easier to get outside and go. I don’t know if I am starting to get use to the Missouri winters or if this little bun in my oven is making me warmer. I’ll take it for now and continue to run outside as long as I can.

As of now I am feeling healthy and like myself. We have a lot to do still before this little girl comes, but I am so confident that everything will happen when it is supposed to. I have an amazing husband that is my best partner in life. He is probably the only person that can keep up with all my projects and dreams. I know we have the best life I could have ever asked for.

I have events coming up and books on sale for Christmas and the New Year. Don’t forget to check out my Holiday Menu on my website, www.happyfoodcookbook.com, on the Catering Menu Page for orders this Holiday Season for you and yours!