Week 27 & 28: Halloween and Traveling

These two weeks were full of holiday fun with Halloween and getting to travel home to California to visit with family and friends.

Halloween is a time where I like to think outside the box and I have always thought that funny costumes are much more fun. Around 7 years ago I was a Mom with mom jeans, a fanny pack, ked shoes, and I stuffed a feather comforter in the butt to make sure I had a huge ass. I went to my younger brother’s high school baseball game dressed like this and I think some of the mom’s disagreed with my humor, which made it more humorous for me. This year I went with a partner costume with my husband, Ryan, as Cheech and Chong. I had a gluten free fair event at Natural Grocers on Halloween and the crowd thought the outfit was great. It was a fun time!

Traveling when 28 weeks pregnant wasn’t bad except for the fact that with my jacket on, nobody knew I wasn’t pregnant. So when I was in the aisle of the plane getting on, people would crowd so close to me that I didn’t have the room to squat down and pick up my bag sideways avoiding my belly. I was slightly tired from sleeping on the plane, but the excitement of being in California with my family, and them getting to see me pregnant was fun. I am the first out of my 3 other siblings to have a child on the way, so my family was full of gratitude and excitement for baby Dillon.

The baby shower was a new experience for me since I haven’t been to many baby showers. My Mom and sister did a great job decorating and putting the games together. It was so fun talking and joking about the joys of motherhood and the terrors of delivery. I haven’t done much research because I think every baby and pregnancy is different for every mother and each of their children. I just love sharing the stories with women because it is a universal subject that reconnects us as humans.