Week 25 & 26: Ending My Second Trimester Healthy, Happy and with Intention

Now that I am passed the 26th week, I am entering into my third trimester. This is pretty surreal for me. Having a baby soon is still a hard concept to grasp because being pregnant doesn’t interrupt my daily life for the most part like a baby will. Now that I am in my third trimester I feel like I need to really start preparing mentally and physically (more sleep) for Dillon to arrive.

I think a lot about setting an intention for motherhood. I think about having a 20+ year intention. That is a long time to practice one intention along with all the small daily intentions and life happening! How could I keep it simple and sweet? How to say something that means so much to me as a parent, in so few words? When I finally decide on my motherhood mantra I will share it with you all, until then feel free to comment and help me think of ideas!

I have been seeing a chiropractor for a few weeks now to help with keeping my pain levels down through pregnancy. Dr. Kelli Winarski has her own practice, Family First Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Columbia, and she is the first chiropractor I have ever seen. I was very nervous about ever seeing a chiropractor even after I have heard and read about all the health benefits over the years, especially when combined with yoga and massage. When the opportunity arrived for me to start this, I was already pregnant. That had me worrying about all the things that could happen to myself or my baby.

Dr. Kelli was very knowledgeable and reassuring about her practice. I believe in all the things we do in life it takes practice to see real results. I have been waiting to write about my experience until now because I wanted to take the time to listen to my body and feel the results. I am happy to say that my body feels great from my weekly alignments! I am grateful for how my spine feels because of my sessions with Dr. Kelli. When I could get into deep yoga twists I could pop my back and feel release, I haven’t been able to do that in months. Dr. Kelli releases that tension every time. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to heal their body naturally.

During the second trimester mothers of all ages and lifestyles would tell me that it was the trimester with the most energy. I can’t make that decision until I am done with this pregnancy, but I do have to agree that I felt much better in the second trimester than the first. I was able to eat more vegetables, raw foods and exercise a lot more. My low back stopped hurting while I ran. My heart openers in yoga aren’t painful anymore. I still get nausea if I don’t eat every 3-4 hours which has been a challenge for me to get used to. I know some women enjoy how much they get to indulge during pregnancy, but I think it takes up a lot of my time where I can be enjoying an activity (yoga!).

All in all I appreciate my second trimester. I now have a baby belly bump that is undisguisable. I can feel Dillon all the time, which I love. I have never felt closer to someone like I do with Ryan now. It is an unmistakable bond going into parenthood with your best friend, and I am excited for our ride together.