Week 23 & 24: Autumn Inspiration

So many good things happening lately! Autumn has arrived and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s time to start covering up with warm clothes and earthy tones. Getting all my fall decorations out has made me so grateful for the home Ryan and I have created together. That through every challenge we have faced, we have made it to this moment of happiness. Watching the leaves fall outside my window as I type makes me think of how even trees have to let go. The idea of letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose in my life while I still have these last 15 weeks to enjoy with just Ryan.

I like to imagine this shedding of my leaves while I practice during this time of the year. I think it will have a positive effect on my parenting with Dillon. Being able to be more compassionate, patient and kind to Dillon while learning how to parent her, and also to Ryan while I learn how to keep my relationship alive and happy during this time as well. With all the experiences in my life, I have really learned the value of having a few strong relationships in my life. Knowing that every day I make the choice to put forth positive energy into my relationships, or to not put forth the effort and to know there are consequences either way. Obviously good and bad.

While letting go while I practice yoga lately, I have stayed present off my mat in accomplishing personal goals. I set personal goals to get done before Dillon arrives, but I am not very critical of myself if I don’t accomplish them all. Ryan always tells me I put too much on my plate, but I enjoy learning and growing everyday. I don’t feel like it’s a lot, especially when I have control of my breath.

Speaking of accomplishing goals… I got an A on my nutrition final! I will be receiving my Personal Nutrition Diploma any day now and I am so happy to have completed this for myself before Dillon arrives. I have learned so much about living a well rounded healthy lifestyle for myself and others. It has only positive benefits for my life, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity! I have been adding a lot more fiber and carbohydrates in the vegetable form to my diet and I can say that I feel stronger and more energetic.

We are starting to really get ready for Dillon to arrive. The baby shower in next month and we have been receiving gifts from people for her. I really am so grateful for the gifts from others. It would be so expensive to have a child without the love and support of others. We had some friends send us clothes, pack n play, blankets, high chair, adorable cloth diapers… Did i mention that I am attempting 100% cloth diapers???

The debate with cloth diapers is on whenever I tell someone that is what I want to do. Some people are very supportive towards clothe diapers. They give me advice from their personal experience, great deals online to get them and ideas to how to make it easier. It really has helped. I would have to say more people are intimidated by the idea. Some have straight told me I won’t be able to do because it’ll be too hard. I have no expectations going into this challenge. I might succeed and I might fail. All I can do is prepare and try my best. I really don’t think it will be as difficult as some make it seem. It’s all about how I breath through this learning experience, like everything else with parenting.

A lot of changes happening in my body and in my life during this beautiful time of the year. All I can do is roll down the windows and take it all in. I am so happy with everything going on in my life. I couldn’t ask for anything better.