Week 37 & 38: Full Term

These last final weeks of my pregnancy have been the most physically uncomfortable. I have had heartburn. I have trouble sitting for long periods without her feeling like she is shoved up in my ribs. I feel slower, heavier, have trouble putting my shoes or socks on. I am thirsty all the time for ice cold water. I pee constantly and I can’t stop cleaning! Needless to say, I have gratitude for the process of creating a beautiful human being, but I cannot wait to have my body back to myself.

My yoga practice has gotten limited. I can’t go from a modified runner’s lunge to a full runner’s lunge because I get a sore feeling in my cervix. Laying on my belly on my mat is impossible without a bolster under my chest and pelvis, but I can still sleep on my belly. Yay! Forward folds with any leg variation, besides a wide leg variation, is too much. It pushes my baby into my lungs and it’s hard to breathe. I love a good backbend, vinyasa flow, standing poses and inversions though. They keep me looking at my present life from a new perspective, it reminds me I have all I need at this moment and that this uncomfortable stage is only temporary. I even take the time to remind myself I will miss her in me when it is over. Not that much though!

Happy Food Catering has been expanding, which is so exciting! I have been making more new recipes for a new menu that I have been creating. Some of the items contain cheese, which doesn’t agree with my stomach most of the time. It has given me terrible heartburn and makes me feel sluggish. I am happy that I can make delicious recipes for those that can eat cheese, but I am happy for it to be done so that I can avoid it again. Making the desserts and breakfast items are my favorite while I am pregnant. They are very healthy, plus my body needs the extra calories for baby Dillon. I can’t wait to share these deliciously healthy creations with you all very soon!

It has been difficult for me to slow down with work because when I sit still I just think about how badly I wish Dillon was here already. So I am taking full advantage and working non-stop on all my dreams and goals for my business. I had a public speaking event at Daniel Boone Library in Columbia MO about my journey to Happy Food Cookbook, which was amazing! It makes me even more excited that when my baby is here I can show her how happy it makes me live my dreams.

The truth is, I wish I were in labor right now. I want to meet my baby girl so much! I truly believe that everything happens exactly when it is supposed to in life, and patience is my motherhood mantra. I will just keep reminding myself that while I sit here and wait…