Week 33 & 34: Keep Moving Forward

With all my life changes with my pregnancy and family growing, so has my company. Happy Food Catering and Happie Yoga has gotten so busy that I am going to be expanding in 2016. The details are still being worked out, but I am so grateful for this opportunity to grow and help others be a healthier version of themselves. I look forward to sharing this news in the future with all of you and to be able to have my daughter watch me live out one of my dreams..

My body has been going through many changes in the last two weeks. During my yoga practice I have started to feel a lot more limitations. I use to be able to lye down and do a spinal twist with my leg propped up on a block, that is too deep of a twist now. Most twists she gets in the way and I feel a quick swift kick to the lungs or ribs. When I teach flow classes I do a lot of one-legged down dogs into a runner’s lunge. That is nearly impossible now, unless I lift onto my fingertips when my leg swings forward and I lift my torso high enough to get my leg through. Any sort of forward fold has gotten uncomfortable because Dillon has gotten so big. I will continue my practice through the rest of my pregnancy, but modifications and listening to my body is key.

My body still feels great when I run once a week. My low back doesn’t hurt, but I still get lower abdominal cramping. I get this running high every time I get out on the trail. I also am so warm lately from my baby girl that the cold temperatures aren’t as hard to run in. Last year I would have never made it outside to run in below 30 temperatures. Now if I just get out the door and run for 5 minutes, I get a full body warmth that lasts throughout my run.

I have had so many people tell me that I am so “small” for how far along I am, which can make anyone feel insecure about their body. I over-indulged one day with some sweet treats that I don’t normally eat. Bad decision! I had a headache that lasted hours, I felt lethargic all night, I was physically drained and I had no motivation to do anything. I haven’t gotten a headache or felt this way in years. Once I took sugar out of my system, all my headaches went away. That was my body telling me to stop with the sugar consumption. I look forward to eating healthy the rest of my pregnancy and life, because I never want to feel that bad again.

I have been getting wheat and gluten in my system more, and I think it is because we have been eating out more. I am taking a chance with my gluten allergy every time we eat out at a restaurant. My cravings make me want to go out, and I always hope for the best with my food allergy. The last two weeks my fingers are swollen and ache like I have arthritis. I have been getting rashes on my neck, belly and legs. My whole body gets inflamed and I feel so lethargic. I am planning on eating in more the rest of my pregnancy to avoid these reactions. It’s too hard to keep up with my life while I feel this bad.

I was able to get my birthing plan to my regular doctor who was more than happy to accept all of my wishes and to have me on the list for the natural birthing room. I am so excited about it. For now to prepare I am practicing some guided labor and delivery mediations for a natural birth, sleeping a whole lot more, continuing to get my weekly alignments with my chiropractor, eating 5 meals a day, and organizing my home. I am getting so excited for Dillon’s arrival! I cannot wait to be a Mom and to meet her.