Week 18 & 19: Halfway There

It is the end of week 19, and I am feeling all kinds of emotions in the last two weeks. I think the hormones have finally kicked in. I can feel a few different emotions in a matter of minutes. I’m happy to say that I always end up feeling happy and grateful after each meltdown, and that I haven’t had as many meltdowns as I pictured happening during pregnancy.

I love this meal! I eat it all the time now, and the sprouts make it fun to eat. Love the goat cheese!

I am eating very healthy again, similar to prepregnancy. I have been craving a lot of tomatoes, goat cheese, kale and cuties. I am curious as to what my body is craving from each of these foods. I have been cooking a lot more for my clients, and have been making such delicious and healthy food. Some examples I like and I made were blueberry oatmeal bars, morning glory muffins, almond butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, asian stir fry, spaghetti squash with marinara and so much more. Sometimes I am surprised by how much people enjoy my healthy way of eating and learning it from me. I get so much joy out of helping people have healthier lifestyles and enjoy themselves while doing it.

I am lucky to share that my company, Happy Food Catering and Happie Yoga, are both growing very well. I am having great opportunities come my way with my career, but now I have so much more to consider with a little one on the way. Trying to image how to keep my family life organized and my number one priority over my social life, business, and personal yoga practice is a lot to consider. Everyday I make sure to take each moment and decision one breath at a time, and to remind myself that it’ll all work out if I find my own path. Meditation is key too.

I have also taken one nutrition course online through Nutrition Cube that went through a summary of nutrition. It was a 25 hour class online that went through 12 subjects. I am now starting my Personal Nutrition Degree and Child Nutrition Certificate with Shaw Academy. I am very happy to be getting this schooling, but I will definitely will be more happy when it is over so I can spend more time planning for baby Dean.

The number one question I get asked is, do I want a boy or girl. Honestly, I will be happy and grateful for either one. If I could choose for my first child I would want a boy. I think males have a much more laid-back approach to life which is easier for me to get along with and I want at least one son in my lifetime. If I had a girl I would take it as a challenge to raise a calm, kind and confident female. Either way the nursery will be Mizzou Tigers, by my choice of course.

I am 20 weeks today and tomorrow I have my appointment to find out the sex of the baby… I haven’t been able to sleep in days because of my excitement about finding out. I will keep you all posted in my next blog!