Week 28: Cyber Bullying, a Lesson for this New-Aged Mom

I had a whole blog post written up for my last two weeks that had to do with my pregnancy personally and traveling while pregnant, but I think the dicussion for cyber bullying is much more necessary. Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic 

Week 25 & 26: Ending My Second Trimester Healthy, Happy and with Intention

Now that I am passed the 26th week, I am entering into my third trimester. This is pretty surreal for me. Having a baby soon is still a hard concept to grasp because being pregnant doesn’t interrupt my daily life for the most part like 

Week 23 & 24: Autumn Inspiration

So many good things happening lately! Autumn has arrived and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s time to start covering up with warm clothes and earthy tones. Getting all my fall decorations out has made me so grateful for the home Ryan 

Week 21 & 22: Being a Bonus Mom, Nutrition Nerd and Enjoying Farmer's Markets

This is the first week that I have really felt Dillon moving around in my belly. She is napping most of the day, but when she is up I can really feel her. It’s a strange sensation. Feeling someone inside of you kicking and punching 

Week 18 & 19: Halfway There

It is the end of week 19, and I am feeling all kinds of emotions in the last two weeks. I think the hormones have finally kicked in. I can feel a few different emotions in a matter of minutes. I’m happy to say that 

Week 20: It's a Girl!

I guess I better go straight to the good stuff, it’s a girl! Dillon Claire Dean will be here in January and we are very excited to meet her. Ryan and I were not shy about expressing that we were hoping for a boy, and 

Week 16 & 17: Yoga Reflection During Pregnancy

My yoga journey began in January 2011. I starting practicing to mix up my workouts and get that yoga body. What I have learned through my journey has changed my practice , and my entire life. I now go to classes for the mental aspect 

Week 15: Attack of the Mac'n'Cheese Cravings

I had a doctors appointment this week, thought it was a quick check-up, but I got a sweet surprise. I got to hear our baby’s heartbeat! It was very surreal! I never really think about these little things that happen as the baby grows because 

Week 14: I Found My Love for Being in Water

I feel great being submerged in water since being pregnant, but I realized it this last Saturday. I was at my husband’s surprise pool birthday party, I was in the pool for at least 4 hours, and would have stayed in it if the wind 

Week 13… and Counting

My nausea is gone and kale salads are back!!! I am thrilled to be over the sickness slump of pregnancy! I am enjoying my normal diet with hummus, kale, raw veggies, jalapenos, fruit and coconut water. I feel energized by my food again! I am